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Ignite and Enable Peak Performance of Executives, Leaders, and Talents at All Levels.

Who Our Clients Are:  

  ✦     Leaders curious to know how they can continue to lead and perform in their organization

  ✦     Leaders who want to better understand their strengths and blind spots to more fully “show up” and “level up” both personally and professionally

  ✦     Leaders who truly want to understand how their peers, superiors and direct reports see them as a leader

What We Do:  

  ✦    Deep dive into what motivates you, your deterrents, your blockers, your goals and how your values shape your decisions to lead and guide you ( ↓↓ Get started now with our FREE Values worksheet! ↓↓)

  ✦     Feedback from your peers, leaders, direct reports, and colleagues on your strengths and blind spots as a leader via an interview-based 360 feedback process

  ✦   Focused coaching sessions to explore feedback, various work and life scenarios, and observations regarding yourself as a leader

Program Details:  

  ✦    360 Feedback survey

  ✦    6-12-month engagement

  ✦    90-minute Discovery Session  

  ✦    1:1 Coaching Sessions (twice a month)

Benefits to You:  

  ✦    Greater self-awareness

  ✦    Understanding of your strengths and blind spots as perceived by your colleagues

  ✦    Ability to lead more powerfully with clarity and confidence

“Betsy has an innate ability to quickly connect with everyone and create an air of safety, such that the real issues can be addressed and develop a realistic action plan to support us in moving forward.” -Sr. Vice President, Bank of America

Betsy Kauffman has observed and worked side by side with hundreds of CxO leaders for the past 20 years including Duke Energy, United Healthcare Group, BCBSSC, and Bank of America. She loves to discuss the "elephants in the room" and empathetically deliver honest and open feedback. Betsy started Cross Impact Coaching over 5 years ago when she realized the work she loved to do and the impact it made was desperately needed in organizations around the world.

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