Align and Execute Workshops

Align and Execute is an interactive series of professionally facilitated workshops to support leaders to develop realistic and innovative strategic, transformational, or product plans which are easily cascaded and executed by their organizations. 

➢ How often do you develop an annual or quarterly plan only for it to fall by the wayside due to daily fires taking precedence? 

➢ What are the big "rocks" stopping your organization from achieving their goals? 

➢ Does your team and organization have clear direction and focus on what they should be working on or are there too many competing priorities and nothing gets fully completed?

Our customized workshops can be conducted virtually or in-person and are designed to focus on:

☑ Building a solid cadence of planning and execution 

☑ Building alignment as a team and organization 

☑ Discussing the competing priorities across the entire organization 

☑ Allowing for the tough conversations and decisions 

☑ Being able to pivot and iterate as the landscape changes 

☑ Retrospection on wins, challenges, and opportunities

Clients typically engage us to develop an overall strategy and plan. After the initial plan development, we work throughout the organization to cascade the plan to make sure each department or product has a clear focus and their work maps up to the organization’s overall goals and priorities. We then regroup quarterly to refine, retrospect, and recast for the upcoming quarter.

Our workshops have achieved the following benefits for our clients:

☑ Clear alignment on the top priorities of the organization 

☑ Laser-focused on execution 

☑ Open and transparent conversations 

☑ Decisions are made on behalf of the organization’s goals and not departmental goals 

☑ Teams and individuals understand their contributions to the organization 

☑ Better communication throughout the organization.

 Are you ready to create alignment and execute as an organization to achieve your goals and outcomes?

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