THRIVE: An XImpact™ Circle for Emerging Leaders

2021 Program Application

THRIVE is designed for emerging leaders who have been in their leadership position for 2 years or less or high potential individual contributors within their organizations. The Circle provides an opportunity to learn, develop, and share in a confidential forum with other like-minded emerging leaders.    

Please review and accept the guiding principles of the THRIVE Program:


✦ Confidentiality - Complete openness and an accepting environment is necessary for gaining maximum value in the THRIVE experience. Confidentiality is considered essential and is necessary for members to feel fully comfortable in sharing information regarding their organizations, structures, business practices, etc. Therefore, consider all information shared in your Development Circle as confidential. Share outside THRIVE only with permission.


✦ Unity - It is this sense of togetherness that bonds our THRIVE Development Circle for long-term success. If there is a challenge with a member of your circle, work directly with that member to alleviate the situation. If you do not feel this is possible (or if this is uncomfortable for you), work with your THRIVE Facilitators to constructively work through the situation.


✦ Accountability - Each Development Circle member is responsible for his/her own experience.     

• Attendance at each weekly session should be a priority (We understand organizations have travel schedules; do what you can to make each session as your travel schedule permits).

• Advise your THRIVE Impact Circle of any absence.

• Focus on the discussion vs. multi-tasking during an Impact session.

• Actively engage in the weekly discussions with ideas, your experience, best practices, food for thought, etc. 

✦ Diversity - Diversity of thought allows for valuable perspectives. THRIVE Impact Circles appreciate diversity in all aspects of group dynamics.

✦ Experiences Over Opinions - Share relative to your experiences (vs. your 'opinions'), and it eliminates judgment. Sharing your experiences (what you did in a similar situation) is more valuable than what you "think" you would do if you were in someone else's shoes. Guidelines include:

• Speak from your own experience rather than giving advice

• Speak in Specifics vs. generalities

• Avoid curiosity-seeking questions (so that the dialog can focus on solutions, etc.)

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